API Ammonia Test Kit


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API Ammonia Test Kit

The Aquarium AMMONIA TEST KIT measures ammonia to help prevent fish loss, as ammonia is the number one stressor and killer of tropical fish. Ammonia is released into an aquarium in the forms of uneaten food, decaying organic matter, and when fish release it through their gills, urine, and solid waste.

The API AMMONIA TEST KIT is a mercury-free, salicylate test for fresh and saltwater fish, and measures ammonia levels from 0 to 8 ppm.

Why test for Ammonia?

Fish continually release ammonia directly into the water through their gills, urine, and solid waste. Uneaten food and other waste also add ammonia to the water. A natural way that your aquarium handles this ammonia is through the biological filter, or natural aquarium cycle.

However, as with any natural processes, imbalances can occur. This is why it’s important to regularly test for the presence of ammonia, which can spike unexpectedly in your aquarium. As soon as it is detected, ammonia should be removed, otherwise it will damage your fish’s gill membranes and harm their respiration, which can eventually result in fish death. Even small amounts of ammonia stress fish, suppressing their immune systems and increasing the likelihood of disease outbreaks. You can remove ammonia from your tank by performing a partial water change, and by dosing with a solution specifically designed to treat ammonia.

More details on this product, including full instructions, can be found HERE.

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