API Root Tabs – Card of 10

A superior aquarium plant fertilizer in tablet form. 


Promotes lush growth of aquarium plants 

Contains Iron. 

Develop strong roots 

Pack of 10 Tablets 

Follow API Easy Care Guide and use ROOT TABS when: 

Properly caring for aquarium plants 

Without proper fertilisation, aquarium plants gradually yellow, drop their leaves and die. 

Aquarium plants require essential nutrients for vibrant growth. 

API ROOT TABS are formulated to supply key nutrients, including iron and potassium and carbon, to help new aquatic plants get off to a vigorous start and to keep established plants flourishing. 

These nutrients are consumed over time in the aquarium and must be replenished for plants to thrive. 

Safe for use with tropical fish. 


Add 1 tablet for each 194 sq. cm of gravel surface. 

As a rough guide approx one per 13cm 

Push midway into gravel bed. 

(A standard 39 L aquarium requires 6 tablets.) Add new tablets monthly for optimum growth.