Keeping Neocaridina Shrimp

Keeping Neocaridina Shrimp is easy, they are the easiest to keep of the dwarf shrimp species and come in a variety of colours. For this reason, they are most suited to the beginner aquarium shrimp keeper. Additionally, they are quite easy to breed and can quite quickly accumulate to very large numbers.

Red Cherry Shrimp

Nowadays, Dwarf aquarium shrimp are very readily available. They have been bred in many different colour variants. Including red, green, black and orange, as well as, yellow, chocolate and even blue.

Yellow Cherry Shrimp

Water Parameters

As previously stated, they are the least demanding of all freshwater aquarium shrimp.

With this in mind, the following values would be classed as suitable for keeping neocaridina shrimp

pH: 6.2 – 7.5
gH: 3-6
kH: 0-4
TDS: 70-500
Temperature: 24-30 deg

Shrimp Aquarium

Above all, keep the aquarium simple.

Firstly, filtration need only consist of a sponge filter or similar so as not to suck the shrimp through. Maintaining the nitrogen cycle is most important for neocaridina shrimp.

Secondly, female shrimp can sometimes be stressed by the males during moulting. For this reason, there should be many hiding spots available. Additionally, it will give places for shrimplets to shelter.

Lastly, a heater to keep the temperature stable.


When feeding dwarf aquarium shrimp less is often more. Shrimp will feed off decaying material and biofilm available in the aquarium. In fact, many aquarium keepers do not even directly feed their shrimp. Although, with larger shrimp populations supplemental feeding becomes necessary.

Accordingly, in our home and shop aquariums we feed a varied diet of commercially prepared foods for the most part.

Breeding Neocaridina Shrimp

Evidently, as long as there is a male and female shrimp, they will breed. Females can be distinguished by the deeper body shape. A female will become saddled when mature and ready to breed, this ‘saddle’ is the eggs forming. Subsequently, once fertilised the female will carry the eggs under her tail for 3-4 weeks and generally have approx 20-30 shrimplets each clutch.

Berried Cherry Shrimp

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