In our retail store, we are always asked about setting up our waterbox display aquariums. So when we started to install our newest waterbox aquarium display we decided to do a build journal, we are asked a lot about what materials are used, how long to grow, what processes involved etc.

Waterbox clear aquarium
Latest Picture Update 9/12/2020

Major Hardware Used

When it comes to equipment, we only use in our display aquariums what we recommend because we want you to know that what you are being recommended works.

Aquarium Display Hardscape

Initially when planning this aquarium display we planned to stock a large amount of Cory catfish and because of their foraging habits an open sandy area was required.

Plant Stocking

When planning this aquarium display we wanted to incorporate quite a few epiphyte type plants. Epiphyte plants attach themselves to hardscape in the aquarium and draw their nutrient directly from the water column. For this reason, its imperative to be fertilising the aquarium regularly.

  • Dwarf Hair Grass.
  • Bucephalandra sp.
  • Micro Java Fern.
  • Pheonix Moss.


Firstly, after assembling the waterbox aquarium cabinet, the clear 2420 display aquarium was moved onto the cabinet. Conveniently, the aquarium comes with levelling foam already incorporated into its base making for a quick and easy assembly, as a result.

The timber used on this aquascape was very buoyant because it has never been in water and its for this reason you can observe that the timber is glued into place. This will also make it more stable while working in the aquarium.

Once cured, the ADA power sand is placed where we require, beneath the soil. We use the power sand advance because it also incorporates ADA Bacter 100, Clear Super and Tourmaline BC. To learn more about the ADA substrate system CLICK HERE.

For the soil, we have chosen to use ADA Amazonia and for the sand ADA La Plata sand because for aquarium display substrates we feel ADA has the best decorative sand. Although, this is entirely personal preference.



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