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Waterbox Peninsula Mini Aquarium

The Waterbox Peninsular Mini Aquarium is one of our most popular all-in-one aquarium systems for both freshwater and saltwater for many reasons. Firstly, the straight-edged  minimal silicone finish, polished edges and starphire ultra clear glass make for uninterrupted viewing pleasure. Secondly, The Peninsular Mini aquarium comes complete with all necessary filtration for freshwater or saltwater aquariums. The unique baffle system forces the water to flow through the micron socks followed by the filtration media. This unique design also eliminates air bubbles in the system. Also, the full glass overflow features water-etched weir teeth which disappear into the black background seamlessly.

Waterbox Peninsular Mini Aquarium Features

  • Starphire Ultra-Clear Glass
  • Self-Leveling Mat
  • Filtration Media: Carbon, Bio-Balls, Sponge, Filter Sock
  • Adjustable Return Pump
  • All glass construction rear overflow


An all-in-one aquarium that captures more of what you love. Thoughtfully designed, the cube aquarium was built so you can keep more in your aquarium with less. Available in 15 and 25 gallon, the waterbox peninsular AIO aquarium delivers an aquatic environment for novice and professional aquarium keepers.

The Peninsular Mini Aquarium is an evolution of the popular waterbox cube aquarium which you can view at our retail store. We have both a saltwater and freshwater display for your viewing.

For lighting options we suggest either the AI Prime or Chihiros WRGB2, both are great options and can be seen in store used above our display aquariums.


Waterbox Aquariums

Waterbox Aquariums

Additional information

Weight 60 kg

Peninsular 15, Peninsular 25


Black Cabinet, No Cabinet, White Cabinet

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