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Waterbox Marine X Aquarium

The Waterbox Marine X Aquarium kit includes the aquarium, laminated plywood cabinet, sump and plumbing kit. As a result, a perfect aquarium for any entry the level hobbyist.

Marine X Aquarium Features

  • Starphire Ultra-Clear Glass Aquarium
  • Ready to Assemble Plumbing
  • All Glass Sump System
  • Includes Filter Socks
  • Laminated Plywood Cabinetry

To start with, every waterbox aquarium is made with starphire ultra-clear glass for uninterrupted viewing pleasure. As well as, ready to assemble plumbing for ease of assembly. Thoughtfully designed, the all glass sump system has ample room to fit even the largest of skimmers and reactors required to power your marine aquarium. Additionally, including dual, appropriately sized filter socks and auto top off reservoir.

To conclude with, the marine X aquarium set comes with quality laminated plywood constructed cabinetry in 3 different finish options.

Less Maintenance, More Flow

The Marine X 60.2, 90.3 and 110.4 models come standard with dual returns and our newly designed removable weir teeth system, which allows for easy maintenance and cleaning, as a result.

Easy Operation

Further, with ready-to-assemble plumbing that provides easy installation, without any gluing required and the precision gate valve allowing for micro-adjustments to keep your system running ultra-quiet.

Filter Socks

Optimized for ultimate water clarity and filtration. Each system includes two filter socks, appropriately sized for your aquarium, resulting in cleaner aquarium conditions.

Skimmer/Media Reactor Chamber

Thoughtfully designed, the waterbox marine x sump includes optimal space for the industry’s most popular skimmers and reactors. Check our technical specifications HERE  for more detail.

RO Reservoir

Importantly, marine aquariums require constant maintaining of the correct salinity.

With this in mind, the integrated ATO (Auto Top Off Reservoir) is ideal for use with electronic top off systems.

Return Pump Chamber

Furthermore, the return pump chamber is constructed to accommodate the industry’s most popular return pumps.

Also, check out technical specifications HERE for more detail.

Waterbox Marine X  Aquarium Cabinet

Key features of the Marine X cabinet include a laminated plywood cabinet because we want your aquarium cabinet to last. PVC coated hinges with soft close doors and levelling feet to provide long-lasting support and stability as well as recessed push-open hardware. Finally, cabinets are available in three finishes. Options include black, white or oak.

Instruction Manuals are available for all waterbox cabinets.

Marine Aquarium Lighting

When choosing lights, we recommend the AI Prime or Ecotech Radion for marine aquariums. Either, can be found HERE.

Finally, to find any more information regarding the Waterbox Marine X Aquariums or any other waterbox aquarium models CLICK HERE




Waterbox Aquariums

Waterbox Aquariums

Additional information

Weight 200 kg

Including Black Cabinet, Including Oak Cabinet, Including White Cabinet


Marine X 110.4, Marine X 35.1, Marine X 60.2, Marine X 90.3

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