Shrimp King 5 leaf Mix (45g)



Shrimp King 5 leaf Mix

Shrimp King 5 Leaf Mix is a biologically balanced diet for ornamental shrimp. Consisting of Stinging Nettle, Birch, Mulberry, Walnut and Peppermint.

The mix of nutritious leaves provides Shrimps with numerous growth, nutrition and vital substances.

Tip: Also a tasty and valuable meal for many kinds of snails.

100% natural

Supplementary food for ornamental shrimps

Ingredients: Mix ofStinging nettles, birch leaves, mulberry leaves, walnut leaves, peppermint leaves

Analytical constituents: 19.0 % crude protein, 3.6 % crude fat, 11.8 % crude fibre, 11.2 % crude ash

Approx. 5 mm stick per 20 shrimps. Remove food residues after 24 hours.

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Shrimp King 5 in 1 (5 x 6g)


Shrimp King

Additional information

Weight .065 kg

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