Serenity Aquatics Sponge Filter


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Serenity Aquatics Sponge Filter

The Serenity Aquatics Sponge Filter adds oxygen to the water while supporting colonisation of bacteria to assist with the breakdown of harmful waste like ammonia. Provides the fish with a cleaner living environment. A cycled aquarium is paramount to ones success when keeping and breeding aquarium fish.

Sponge filters are widely used in fishkeeping due to their reliability and cost effectiveness. The gentle flow helps with small fry and also gives a grazing area for fry as a result.

The Serenity Brand of sponge filters are widely used in our store and in many of our customers aquariums.

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Large smxy380, Medium SMXY280, Nano SMXY2835, Pico SMXY2833, Small SMXY180

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