QANVEE Inline Co2 Diffuser


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QANVEE Inline Co2 Diffuser

The QANVEE inline Co2 diffuser allows for maximum saturation of carbon dioxide into your aquarium via the return line of your aquarium canister filter. Besides the added economical benefit, removing the diffuser from the main aquarium allows for a cleaner, more visually appealing look.

Unlike in-tank diffusers they do not succumb to algae growth and tend to last longer between maintenance as a result. Replacement ceramic diffusion tubes are also available for both models and easily replaced adding to the longevity of the product

Inline Diffuser Benefits

  • More economical diffusion into water column
  • Discreet diffusion outside of aquarium
  • Easy to maintain

To learn more about Co2 injection on your planted aquarium CLICK HERE.





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M1 12/16mm, M2 16/22mm, Replacement tube fits 12/16, Replacement tube fits 16/22

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