Paramecium caudatum (live culture)



Paramecium caudatum (live culture)

Paramecium caudatum (live culture) is a single cell organism that is especially suited for the rearing of small fry that require foods even smaller than baby brine shrimp.

Conveniently, these microscopic unicellular protists are quite easily cultured at home to be fed as needed.

Directions for culture setup

Upon receiving the Paramecium culture it will need to be used to inoculate into a growing medium. To prepare this, a 1.5 -2L bottle is required as well as some whole wheat grains and brewers yeast.

Boil the wheat grains for approx 10 minutes to soften, add wheat to the growing vessel filled with 3/4 dechlorinated tap water along with 1/8 tsp of brewers yeast and mix. Add the Paramecium starter culture and observe over next few days as the culture will multiply ready to be fed to your newly hatched fish fry.




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