Ocean Nutrition Atison Betta Spa


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Ocean Nutrition Atison Betta Spa


Available for the first time for the Betta hobbyist in a user-friendly format: Indian almond leaf extract, and a lot more, in one easy formula. Clean, easy, complete and consistent. The wild almond leaf extract mimics natural condition for the Betta fish. Contains Yucca extract to bind ammonia (NH3) in the water. Contains Calcium to activate the muscles and to develop strong bones, teeth and scales. Produced only with natural ingredients. Recommended doses: 5ml per 8l of water for normal applications. Use with every water change. In case of severe stress, symptoms the concentration can be doubled.

  • The leaves contain humic acids and tannins and are known to have antibacterial properties.
  • Ideal for conditioning the Betta, promotes spawning, activity and colors. Betta SPA is recommended for all fishes kept in small containers, especially during transportation.
  • Lowers the pH of the water and neutralizes harmful chemicals. Adds essential trace elements to the water.
  • Colors the water via natural tannins, lignins and fulvic acids.
  • Will make bubble nests stickier.

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