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Pro-Elite Series The Most Advanced Aquarium Dual Stage CO2 Regulator

Pro-Elite Series The Most Advanced Aquarium Dual Stage CO2 Regulator

New Generation of our highest rated dual stage regulator.

Built for aquariums from 5 liters to 5000 liters!

Dual stage construction minimise increase in output pressure as pressure drops in gas cylinder and will prevent end-tank-dump no matter what size CO2 cylinder you will use.

New fully customised solenoid block with integrated high precision needle valves and bubble counter.

Features :

  • Safe 12V DC Integrated Solenoid Valve
  • Power adapter with universal voltage 100V-240V
  • Adjustable working pressure up to 5 bar
  • Stainless Steel Dual gauge pressure indicators (tank volume and flow pressure / working pressure)
  • High precision integrated needle valve
  • Bubble counter with built-in check valve
  • Extendable manifold block
  • Due to Two Stages construction compatible with any size CO2 Cylinders.
  • The thread is made according to UK, Europe, Japan, Taiwan standard (BS341 / DIN477 / W21.8×14) or CGA320 thread.

Looking to inject CO2 into two, three or more aquariums ?
Your Aquarium is +500L and requires more diffusers ?

Now you can add as many outlets as you like. With easy installation you can add or remove additional blocks anytime you want.


Carbon dioxide use in the aquarium is widely misunderstood by many aspiring hobbyists. Many plants require the higher levels of Co2 for optimum growth because it helps them to take up other nutrients more efficiently also.

Fast growth isn’t the only advantage of carbon dioxide injection. When supplied, plants will exhibit thicker stems, have better colour and show less deficiencies and your aquarium and will have less algae growth.

Additionally, for more information on using Carbon Dioxide in your aquarium CLICK HERE.


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