Co2 Art Drop Checker Kit


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Co2 Art Drop Checker

Drop Checker is an original glassware product, designed to indicate the CO2 amount diluted within the aquarium water with color change of the pH reagent inside, in order to understand the proper amount of CO2 supply.

Specially-designed to suit a professional’s needs.

Made of glass, for max reliability.

Drop Checker Size:

  • Outside diameter:3cm
  • Height:5.5cm


Co2 Drop checkers work by constantly monitoring the PH of the water inside a vial containing bromothymol blue and 4KH water solution. The solution is relatable to the chart below in determining Co2 levels in the aquarium.

When diffused correctly into water, carbon dioxide will create carbonic acid. The carbonic acid will work against the buffering capacity of the KH(carbonate hardness) in the aquarium. Thus dropping the PH. Consequently, with some attentive checking of PH and KH it can be determined how much carbon dioxide is in the aquarium. As seen in the chart a PH of 6.6 at a KH of 4 you can assume the optimum co2 levels of approx 30ppm. Generally, a 0.2 drop in PH from prior co2 addition to post co2 addition is ideal.


Optimum co2 Levels

Setting the Amount of Time for Co2 Injection.

Aquarium plants will uptake most carbon dioxide at the start of the light cycle so it makes sense to be hitting the optimum levels at ‘lights on’. This can be done by timing the amount of time it takes for the co2 to drop the PH in your aquarium by 0.2. If it takes 1hr to do so, the diffusing should start 1 hour prior to the lights coming on. This can be achieved by a simple timer.

As plants will produce carbon dioxide and respire oxygen once lights turn off, the co2 needs to be turned off 1hr prior to lights out because this helps prevent oxygen starvation due to co2 levels being elevated.

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CO2 Art Drop Checker Solution


Co2 Art

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