Bucephalandra sp ‘Helena’




Bucephalandra ‘Helena’

Bucephalandra is a rare plant native to Borneo, growing alongside streams and rivers attached to rocks and the hardscapes very similar to Anubias. It grows both emersed and submersed making it a very versatile and adaptable aquarium and paladarium plant.

Bucephalandra is quite an easy plant to cater to as it enjoys a wide range of parameters. It can handle temps as high as 30°C and doesn’t require strong lighting.

There are many varieties of buce available giving many colours and leaf structures available to the hobbyist.

**Picture is representative of what you will receive as each plant is individual within its type. Please allow 7 days for dispatch of live plants.

**Our business also has a storefront. While we try to keep our online inventory current there are times when stock can sell out quickly. If a product becomes out of stock or is not up to scratch for shipping we will contact to discuss a substitute or refund.


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