Aquael Glossy 120 ST Aquarium Set




Aquael Glossy 120 ST Aquarium Set


Aquael Glossy ST aquarium sets have been adapted for many years to high European
standards in terms of glass thickness, standards and quality of
workmanship. AQUAEL Research and Development Department set the
bar even higher. This is how the new GLOSSY WHITE was created in the
innovative “Laminated Safety Tank” technology. Safer than ever and energy-
Two glass panels combined with lamination technology were used – ultra-
-thin and transparent, special foil. This solution means that you do not
have to worry about immediate unsealing of the tank in the event of accidental
breakage of the aquarium. You have time to calmly evacuate the
inhabitants of your aquarium.
As the new GLOSSY WHITE aquariums are made of three layers, which results
in a slowing down of heat loss. Thanks to this, the heater turns on less
frequently, and therefore your electricity bills are lower!

The Glossy 120 is sleek and stylish and will fit into any decor with its modern design and high gloss finish this package will be a standout in any setting.

Made with aquascaping in mind these kits come with the ideal lighting spectrum and equipment to grow the planted aquarium you’re envisioning.

Package includes

  • 260L (120x40x63cm) Glossy Aquarium.
  • White High Gloss Cabinet (120x40x80cm).
  • Ultramax 1500 Canister Filter.
  • Aquael 300w platinium Heater.
  • 3 x 18w LED Lighting.




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