Aqua One Battery Air Pump 250


Aqua One


Aqua One Portable Battery Operated Air Pump 250

Aqua One battery air pumps are great backup for that unexpected power failure. This can be the difference between losing your fish or giving them enough oxygen till the power comes back on. Ideal for use when transporting live fish, bait.

This battery operated air pump is an ideal product to have on hold for occasions such as power failures and when there is a need to transport fish. This will help to ensure that your aquatic pets will always have a source of oxygen and therefore a better chance of survival in emergency situations.

Can also be used to transport live bait.

Improves dissolved oxygen in your tank, bucket or fish bag and increases circulation.

The Aqua One 250 Battery Air Pump, pumps 150L of air per hour into the aquariumand is powered by 2 size D batteries (not included).

Suitable for use with tropical, coldwater and marine life.


1x 250 battery operated air pump

1x air line

1x small air stone


Aqua One

Aqua One

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